NUST Stands Out in Research & Innovation in Year 2019

From imagination to realization, #NUST is the prime hub of #research & #innovation in #Pakistan. Walk with us through NUST’s impeccable Research & Innovation journey in #2019 #DefiningFutures #InnovatePakistan #ThisIsNUST #WhereItAllBegins #BlastFromThePast #KnowingNoLimits

The Amalgamation of Wireless Technologies and Machine Learning for Localization: Investigations from NUST’s Information Processing and Transmissions Lab into the Future Wireless Systems

The scale of wireless technologies penetration in our daily lives, primarily triggered by the Internet-of-things (IoT)-based smart cities, is beaconing the possibilities of novel localization and tracking techniques. With the development of 5G networks, the need for GPS free localization for the provision of location-based services is becoming more and more important. The inherent high-power…

How Balance of Power Shapes the World

The twin concepts and mechanisms of the balance of power and power maximization act as key global geopolitical drivers in the current international system. What these concepts mean in the simplest terms is this: the anarchic nature of the international system compels states to act as relentless power acquisition entities in order to ensure their…