NUST Researcher indigenously developed AI powered HESS Screening system for Diagnosis of Squinty Eyes

Patients who have vision impairment may find it extremely difficult to go about their regular lives. Unfortunately, the number of people in Pakistan affected by vision impairment is staggering; an estimated 21.78 million (Hassan 2019). Such impairments reduce people’s quality of life, which results in a cumulative loss of production and income for the nation….

NUST Researcher Developed Nano-Dispersible Electrode for Detection of Pathogenic Bacteria

Contaminated water spreads pathogenic microorganisms such as bacteria and viruses and creates the conditions for infection outbreaks. The recent COVID-19 pandemic increased the interest of the researchers around the globe in the surveillance and quantification of pathogenic bacteria and viruses in water and wastewater. Waterborne pathogens in water are growing worried throughout the world [1]….

NUST Researcher secured funding from HEC to develop Piezoelectric Material in Pakistan

In Pakistan, there has been massive imports of electrical devices, piezoelectric actuators, car buzzers, and sensors to be used for several applications as they are not produced locally and these imports have burdened the national exchequer. Hence, we are in dire need of producing the piezoelectric powder in lab/pilot-scale locally and at affordable price in…

Water Remediation Using Polymeric Membranes Modified with MOF

Oil / Water pollution is increasing unprecedented due to surging release from industrial spills, petrochemical effluent, and domestic discharge. Water is the driving force of life, but water pollution has posed an immense threat to human health, aquatic life, and economic development. Oil/water pollution is increasing unprecedented due to surging release from industrial spills, petrochemical…

Key Agreement Protocols proposed for Wireless body area networks (WBAN)

For millenniums, mankind has been wearing clothes. For centuries, mankind has also been putting on devices like spectacles or ornaments like jewelry. In the era of technology, this evolution continues and has taken the shape of wearable devices like smartwatches, smart jewelry, smart clothing, etc. Medical scientists have also adopted these innovations and developed gadgets…