Our Team

 Dr. Nassar Ikram- Pro Rector RIC, NUST

“Advancement in Research and Innovation is fueled in part by its exposure and discussion with the broader community, as indeed the ultimate stakeholder and beneficiary of such efforts are the public and humankind in general.“



‘                  Dr. Mohammad Ali Mohammad – Director Research, NUST

“NUST research and innovation blogs provide impactful content sourced from scholars and trendsetters across our community. Looking forward to a fruitful engagement with our global readership!”




Juveria Akhlaq – Manager Research & Innovation Promotion
Editor and Curator at NUST Research & Innovation Blogs

“NUSTs interactive blog will not only engage with researcher enthusiasts within the country but internationally as well. We aim to provide a platform for students and scientists to use the knowledge imparted by NUST’s research blog to the fullest.”